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Are Siddhis (Supernormal Powers, Miracles, ESP) real?

“To him who knocks, the door will be opened”

“Celui ce bate, i se deschide”-Sunt reale puterile paranormale ?

Are Siddhis (Supernormal Powers,Miracles ESP,EEP) real?

Levitation – One Step Closer…

LUKE 11.9-10″So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

LUCA 11.9-10 “Deaceea si Eu va spun: Cereti, si vi se va da: cautati, si veti gasi; bateti si vi se va deschide.Fiindca oricine cere, capata; cine cauta gaseste; si celui ce bate, i se deschide”.

Sunt reale Siddhis-Puterile Supranaturale,Miracolele,Harurile,Darurile ?
Siddhis-Supernormal Powers,Miracles ESP,EEP,
In Sacred Scriptures and different meanings according to traditions
Are Siddhis real?
Bipin Joshi said :”This is always a debatable issue. generally you will find two groups on this issue. One says that Siddhis are false because modern science can not test them. The other will blindly believe on them without any reasoning. I feel both the groups are missing something. Instead of talking in general I would answer this question for myself. Yes. I do believe in Siddhis. But wait…before you label my belief as blind faith, let me tell you my reasoning behind it.
I simply disagree that Siddhis are false just because modern science currently can not verify their claim. History shows that impossible things have become easily possible over a period of time.
Invisibility Cloak Findings at Duke University
Al Bielek on invisibility
Did stone age man ever believed that one day he is going to use fancy gadgets such as pocket PCs? Did people believed that steam can run a huge engine? Did people believed that they can talk with others sitting thousands of miles away? No. But time
proved all these beliefs wrong. Science and technology made all these things possible. I look at Siddhis from the same view. Today they are out of reach of modern science but possibly one day they will be within our reach and then will not be called as Siddhis but Scientific Methods!
If somebody holds a piece of wood in front of you and tells you that this piece consists of millions of atoms. Will you believe him? You will because you believe that modern science has proved this already. Will you every time ask for a proof? Certainly not. Will you call this a blind faith? Same things goes with Siddhis too. Ancient Indian Yogis mastered them, classified them and mentioned about them in scriptures. They proved them thousands of
years ago. Instead of discarding their existence we should try re-inventing them.Now let me ask few more questions. Do you believe that dinosaur existed on this earth and look the way as illustrated in science museums? Do you believe that man evolved from monkey? Do you believe that only earth has
leaving beings? Probably your answer is Yes. But don’t you think it is blind faith? On what basis your answer is yes? No body knows for sure (100% sure) whether answers to the above questions is Yes or No. Scientists are still
playing unending debate on these questions. Then how can you believe them? If you can believe these things then you should also be open to accept the possibility of existence of Siddhis.
The existence of Siddhis is mentioned in many ancient Yogic manuals. For example, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras contain
one entire chapter (third chapter out of four) called Vibhuti Pada dedicated to Siddhis. Now see another funny thing. Many so called scientific minded people wholeheartedly accept his teachings from Chapter 1, 2 and 4 but
they discard Chapter 3. Isn’t this funny? I can not call this attitude a scientific one. Why would an author like
Patanjali, who has presented the science of Raja Yoga in such a step-by-step and scientific manner, add Siddhis if they are false? Just for fun? or just to put some mystery so that his writing become interesting? I don’t
think so.
It seems that Siddhis were neatly classified in various levels. Why somebody will do such neat classification for something which doesn’t exists? Think over it…
Even today there are examples of people seeing divine light, hearing distant sounds, knowing future events etc.
If you practice Yoga regularly with all the specified rules and guidelines even you can get such experiences.
They may not be as powerful as the Siddhis but they do indicate that things beyond the laws of nature can happen.
Instead of challenging them and inviting such a person in laboratory for testing why not follow Yoga way and experience ourselves? I think that would be the healthier attitude”…
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Siddhis (Sanskrit:सिद्धिः ; siddhih) is the Sanskrit term used in Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism for Spiritual Powers (psychic ability, miracles, supernormal powers, graces, gifts,”joriki” in Japanese), a word that literally means “accomplishments”, “perfections” “attainments” or “success”.

These spiritual powers supposedly vary from relatively simple forms of Clairvoyance to being able to levitate, to be present at various places at once, to become as small as an atom, to materialize objects, to have access to memories from past lives, and more.


In Yoga Sutra siddhis are by-products of awakening and samyama(concentration-dharana,meditation-dhyana and mystic trance-samadhi) but Patanjali mentions all the other ways for attaining supernormal powers in Pada(chapter) 4 sutra 1:



San Giuseppe da Copertino
CARTEA IV:KAIVALYA PADA [Partea referitoare la Izolare(Eliberare)]
Book IV.Isolation Chapter [Kaivalya Pada]

ys 4.1
YS 4.1. Puterile supranaturale (siddhis) pot fi obtinute prin nastere (janman), droguri (aushadhi), incantatii (mantra), asceza (tapas) si transa (samadhi) ; E: The supernatural powers (siddhis) may be obtained either through birth [janman] or can be activated by drugs (aushadhi), recitation of incantations (Mantras), ascetic practices (tapas) and through trance (samadhi); Les pouvoirs magiques sont le resultat de la naissance (janman),ou engendres par l’utilisation de plantes (aushadhi), par la recitation des formules magiques (mantra), par la pratique de l’ ascese (tapas) et par l’union enstatique ou trance(samadhi). Las capacidades paranormales (siddhis) provienen de nacimiento(janman), hierbas alucinoenos o de elixires(aushadhi), recitacitation de encantamientos o de fomulas magicas (mantras), austeridad o ascesis(tapas) y de enstasis (samadhi).

Nota:R: Puterile supranaturale(siddhis) pot fi obtinute prin janman[nastere(incarnare)vedeti YS 1.19;puteri supranaturale mostenite sau inascute;mostenire genetica;imprinting;simularea unificarii orizontale prin clonare si a celei verticale prin inginerie genetica [rapirile OZN de pe Terra realizate de asura(cei gri;zei,semizei in Rig Veda; zei inferiori,titani,demoni in scrierile ulterioare buddhiste;Krishna enumera caracteristicile entitatilor demoniace si divine in Bhagavad-Gita 4.16) aveau si au drept scop crearea prin inginerie genetica de soldati paranormali eficienti in conflictele galactice cu civilizatii mai avansate (filmul “Taken” al lui Steven Spielberg ilustreaza aceasta activitate)],aushadhi(droguri;extracte din plante cu efect psihotrop; anestezice;potiuni si elixiruri magice;metode materiale;vedeti traditiile revelate in cartile lui Carlos Castaneda ),mantra (incantatii; invocatii; recitarea de formule magice;rugaciuni de in/e-vocare;descantece; auto si hetero sugestii;aruncarea de vraji,blesteme sau binecuvantari;metode energetice(pranayama;campuri de sincronizare) si informationale(auto si hetero sugestia);vedeti instruirea Regelui Arthur de catre vrajitorul (druidul) Merlin “in chant,spells and incantations”), tapas[asceza;puteri supranaturale dobandite prin actiuni purificatoare care declanseaza unificarea cognitiva,afectiva si volitiva;monoideism;credinta sau prin penitenta-dorinta intensa,situatii limita in care se declanseaza capacitati miraculoase necesare supravietuirii( privatiuni; post negru;izolare senzoriala in camera intunecata sau prin imersiune,imobilizare prin ingropare; maladii; moarte clinica;experienta din proximitatea mortii;Near Death Experience;detasarea de corp in cursul unor accidente)] si prin samadhi [transa mistica dar si prin celelalte tipuri de transa: absorbtia concentrativa; extaz;transa shamanica,transa hetero si autohipnotica;vedeti levitatia,invulnerabilitatea la Douglas Home);
E: Supernatural powers(siddhis) may be obtained either through janman[birth, previous births,incarnation of high level entities(see: YS 1.19) genetic inheritance or genetic engineering(see: asuras”the greys” semigods in Rig Veda and demons in buddhism;in the movie “Taken” of S..Spielberg is an illustration of this activity using the genetic reservoir of human species on Earth, to create supersoldiers for the wars with highly advanced civilizations] or activated by aushadhi(drugs, potions, herbs,consecrated plants;see the traditions revealed by Carlos Castaneda), by Mantras(recitation of incantations, words of power,chanting sacred chants, auto and hetero suggestions;see the King Arthur’s instruction”in chant,spells and incantations” received from the druid Merlin), by tapas(intense desire,ascetic disciplines,purificatory acts ,austerities) and through samadhi(trance,that state of mind which remains with its object without distractions;superconscious state,ecstasy ,meditative absorption, union);


There are many perspectives of attaining Siddhis. One school of thought states that they are a normal set of occurrences(siddhis are by-products of samyama and awakening) that should not be focused upon because they will pull one from the path. Other perspectives hold that each siddhi should be pursued because it will allow one to understand the power of the Godhead. Siddhis can occur in two ways: naturally, or as a result of extended practice of austerities. They are often mentioned in conjunction with Riddhi (pl Riddhis), which means material or worldly wealth, power, luxurious lifestyles, etc.

Supernormal Powers,Miracles or Siddhi

Please see Swami Sivananda’s classification of chakra and siddhis in “KUNDALINI YOGA”

below an interesting article :
These vids and doc speak by themselves :

There are 4 kind of sources for the force/energy.

0-neuroenergetic ~ no transcendence : the potential of the brain itself, used by various people like Kim Peek, Tony Robbins


Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera
1- psychic (center of the Head) ~ no transcendence : mainly used by people like Illuminati, white and black brotherhood [don’t you remember Yoda Vs Darth Sidious? And Dart Vader was previously a Jedi Knight…], magicians, and at a lower level trained scientists like Nikola Tesla
Nina Kulagina mind powers
2- the Hara (the tan tien center itself) ~ semi transcendence : great martial and Taoist masters – Ueshiba, Confucius, Lao Tzu, etc..
3- the sun inside (the awakened energetical heart) ~ full transcendence : the true Force, the way of “Avatara” and “prophets” – Jesus, yogi Babaji Maharaj, Simon Kimbangu, Simao Toko, Sathya Sai Baba, Swami Premananda, etc.. these 4 potentials can be developed with specific practices

for the 0 : NLP, selfhypnosis, rebirthing, mental focusing, etc.
for the 1st : Raja Yoga, shamanism, parapsychology, etc.. all structured methods dealing with the focusing of the energy into the psychic center of the head
for the 2nd :
Qi gong, tibetan Tumo, Taoist practices, etc.
for the 3rd : solar meditation ~ the prayer with the energetical core of our heart, the secret of divine Enlightenment. Bhakti,
in one sense

, is the genuine but pale reminiscence of the unmemorable sadhana.
This may sound far away from what is now commonly admitted as enlightenment. And enlightenment is for individual only and never taken as a group, otherwise it leads to a connection with specific

Egregors with hidden induced vampirism, whether good or bad ; so be careful ~ see holy spirit, Reborn christians, etc.
Why this information is not so easily available in the market ? Perhaps because most “Gurus” have no idea about it !!… and are not so sincere to recognize their lack of achievement before taking students ; and most of the time we, students, are only in need of easy consumption even in spirituality.
Remember Jesus and what Neo says

in the Matrix : “It can be done” ;-) ~ and they don’t ask us anything but to believe in ourselves.
By the way, see the localization of the awakened energetical heart in Neo, radiating , glowing in a pure golden shining sun emerging from his own chest at the end of the 3rd part The Matrix Revolutions (2003) :

The Matrix Revolutions – Super Brawl Part 2




The Matrix Revolutions1


It penetrates and goes beyond all the dimensions of the Matrix and unveils Maya.
Wachowski brothers really got it, yeh ! :-))

from my friend Kaolin



The Corrs -What Can I Do



Mirahorian:”Use Trance Gate to Discover the Secret Powers of Our Mind”

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